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Electronic security in Cairns


Security is something that should always be taken seriously. You want the absolute best security provider installing, repairing or servicing your electronic security systems. There is simply no room for error, which is why Intelligent Surveillance is always the right choice for your electronic security needs.

We specialise in Electronic Security Systems that reduce risks and maximise response times. You can rely on us to provide the peace of mind and high-end equipment you need for maximum level security for your residential or commercial property. Intelligent Surveillance employs the latest and greatest electronic security solutions at the lowest prices possible.
We provide high-end brands during installations and offer ongoing maintenance on all the products we sell. Some of our most frequently used brands include Axis Communications, Inner Range, Interlogics, Provision, Aiphone and TOA (PA).

Intelligent Surveillance guarantees you will be satisfied with the quality and attention to detail we provide with our services. We offer a wide variety of security services including:
  • Installations
  • IP Surveillance
  • Electronic Security
  • Intercoms
  • Access Control
  • Public Address
  • Audio Visual
  • Security Products
Intelligent Surveillance has been in business since 1988, providing our expertise across all aspects of electronic security. We have installed high-end security solutions for customers across the full spectrum, both private and public, from the Department of Home Affairs, Queensland Police & Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, to smaller projects in the commercial and residential sectors.

Contact us today to discuss our electronic security solutions to suit your needs.
IP Camera — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
We offer expert level IP surveillance services and can work with you to cover resilience, transmission types and logistics for your IP system. Once installed our IP surveillance uses high tech video monitoring to capture secure footage and relay it back to you in high quality.
Home Camera cctv Monitoring — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
We offer the means of securing a property through an expertly installed alarm system or access control. The number of applications are limitless, multiple sensors can alert you to a problem or intruder. It is typically used for banks, offices, commercial businesses. Our electronic security services keep people and objects safe and secure.
Intercom at the Entrance of a House — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
Our closed circuit communications can help you privately stay in contact with your teammates and generally used in residential scenario’s. Audio and visual for intercoms are both available. Use them for anything from front gates to big apartment blocks and prisons.
Access Control — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
Our access control services help you restrict the flow of traffic through a particular area, such as electronic locking on doors, gates etc. It is controlled by a person's credentials, such as their security keys, access cards etc.
Loudspeaker Against and Blue Sky — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
We can provide you with the means of broadcasting a message over a large area through a high volume speaker system. This is commonly used at airports, schools, large corporations and PA Systems.
Monitoring Device — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
Our audio visual services display images to large groups of people through multiple television screens. It is mainly used for educational purposes in schools and universities.