Intercom installation and maintenance in North Queensland


Intercom systems are used where point to point communications are required in a closed circuit situation. The applications for intercom systems make them an attractive investment for anyone looking to communicate with a high security barrier in place. Intelligent Surveillance can help you with intercom choice, installation, maintenance, and repair so your intercom system is always working to its full capabilities.

This technology can be used for apartment blocks, residences and work environments that are looking for a way to communicate with the outside world allowing controlled access to the general public. They are also commonly used in parking decks, loading docks, marine environments and for intra office communication.

You can hire us to install intercoms for front gates on properties like big apartment blocks and prisons. We bring decades of experience to each job and handle your project with professionalism and attention to detail.
Video Intercom in the Entry of Building — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
We offer the best intercom brands with the latest technology to provide you with the top level security you are looking for. Intercoms can be audio only or audio video providing the ability to see people before you grant them access to your property or building. If you are an apartment owner you can use video intercom technology to give your tenants the ability to see who is outside before letting them in.

We will help bring you up to speed with the latest technological advances in intercoms and assist you with choosing the system that suits your individual needs the best. You have a lot to gain by exploring intercom systems and what they can offer.

Intercom systems are easy to install and maintain with an expert team like Intelligent Surveillance. We offer incredible electronic security system services at great prices. Contact Intelligent Surveillance today for all your intercom related needs. We are the premier electronic security provider in Northern Australia and are always committed to delivering the best in electronic security services.