IP surveillance service in North Queensland


IP surveillance allows you to keep an eye on a specific area to ensure it is protected from criminal activity and misconduct. High tech cameras allow you to record surveillance footage of a specific area and upload the footage directly to the Cloud. The applications for IP surveillance are endless.

IP surveillance has many benefits for you to consider. You can improve public safety on your property and even deter criminals from attempting a break-in or from vandalising your property. You can use them to prove the identity of anybody involved in criminal activity, allowing you to take legal action if a crime occurs on your property.

You can keep an eye on employees and ensure that everything is going well on your property from remote locations. The system offers a digitised and networked version of CCTV. IP Cameras will record video footage and distribute the content over a secure network.
IP Security Surveillance Video Camera — Security Systems in Cairns, QLD
Intelligent Surveillance can help you install, maintain and service your IP surveillance systems. The systems provide excellent image quality that provide you with a clear view. We can help you enable remote viewing from any device including mobile phones, iPads, laptops and more.

The types of clients interested in IP surveillance include police stations, correction facilities, gold mines, government departments, warehouse facilities and corporate headquarters. We can assist you with IP surveillance that meets all your security needs at a great price.

We will help bring you up to speed with the latest technological advances in IP surveillance and help you choose the system that suits your individual needs the best. You have a lot to gain by exploring these amazing surveillance systems and what they can provide. IP surveillance systems are easy to install with an expert team like Intelligent Surveillance.
We offer incredible electronic security system services at a great prices. Give us a call today to explore our IP surveillance services.